If you are considering to buy a 144Hz monitor in the near future, you might want to read through this article. It is surely going to help you make a decision. (Definitely gives better answers than coin tossing method!) So keep reading.

First things first, 144 Hz is a refresh rate of the monitor. Let me explain to you what this refresh rate exactly is and why it is so important to gamers.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the number of times monitor refreshes the screen in a second. The higher the refresh rate the better. It is one of the factors we need to consider while buying a gaming monitor. Read on GamingBuff.com to know more.

The common refresh rates available for gaming monitors are 60 Hz, 120Hz, 144 Hz and 240 Hz.

60 Hz is the minimum refresh needed by a gaming monitor for you to have a decent gaming session. If you go to an expert for advice for purchasing a good monitor, they would mostly suggest you to go with 60Hz refresh rate gaming monitor. However, when the refresh rate is 60Hz, there are very high chances of screen tearing to happen.

P.S: Screen tearing happens when the monitor refresh rate does not align with the number of images rendered by GPU in a second. This results in images overlapping over other images and horizontal line formation on the screen. I must say screen tearing ruins the gaming experience.

Once you use a 144hz, you will never be able to go back to 60Hz refresh rate gaming monitors because 144Hz refresh rate gaming monitors have several advantages which you will never get in 60Hz refresh rate gaming monitors.

Advantages of 144Hz Gaming Monitor

  • 144Hz Gaming monitors completely removes motion blur caused due to the fast movements.
  • These gaming monitors also eliminates screen tearing. In 144Hz response rate monitors, the screen is refreshed 144 times in a single second which makes the video smooth by avoiding any screen tearing.
  • 144Hz gaming monitors have better visual fluidity.
  • It provides high competitive advantage for gamers if used with right response rate and Frames Per Second(FPS).


Whether you buy a 144Hz refresh rate gaming monitor or not completely depends on your perspective. You can get most of the advantages of the 144Hz refresh rate monitors in any of the monitors with refresh rate more than 100Hz. The only reason the gaming community is specifically running after 144Hz monitor is that 144Hz is the optimal refresh rate to achieve the ultimate gaming experience.

If you have made up your mind to buy a 144Hz refresh rate gaming monitor, make sure your processing unit has a FPS of 100-150. Buying a 144Hz refresh rate gaming monitor will be pointless if you do not have good FPS. It will again result in choppy video quality and you will not see much difference between 60Hz refresh rate monitors and 144Hz refresh rate monitors.

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