The design of the Roccat Vulcan 120 is highly conservative. Most gaming hardware and peripherals have been extremely criticized in recent times. Gamers believe that most games depend on RGB LEDs, uses too heavy gloss blacks and matte or even gaudy. In terms of quality, the Vulcan may not be compared to Roccat previous keyboards. The Vulcan has brushed aluminium and installed on a slim body with raised keys.

Roccat Vulcan 120

The product displays a skeletal appearance due to the raised keys it contains. The lighting effects of the keyboard are a feature that highlights its uniqueness. It comes with personalized Titan switches that look like Cherry MX Browns. These switches are well-designed and help to boost actuation quickly and perfectly.

The personalized switches of the product operate quietly as opposed to Cherry MX Reds. This implies that users will not experience any problem typing on the product. Using the product will not also pose problems to anyone around the environment. The actuation point of the product is 1.8mm that helps to create total stability. The typing performance and gaming utility of the product remains intact.

Each key that you find on the product comes with a unique feature. The switches of the Roccat Vulcan 120 are found in the exterior rather than being protected by doomed keycaps. This will help to unleash the transparency protection of the Vulcan switches. On this note, each side of the product will be able to spread out per-key LEDs. This is one of the best features that make the product highly exceptional to users. Some keyboards come with frustrating and distracting LEDs. In fact, you may get straight lights when using an infuriating keyboard. In the case of the Roccat Vulcan 120, you will only experience less distraction from its sides.

The Vulcan’s keys operate with the AIMO system. This will help to establish a unique feel on the task performed with your system. Keypresses will unleash certain reactions when using the product. This is achieved through the AIMO reactions on the Vulcan 120. There is every possibility for the display to alter between programs and other features. Even the audio will change as the keyboard starts operating.

The product can sync properly with other items without causing any problem. One thing is for sure, this is a product that you can depend on, time and time again. If you are a gamer and looking for a reliable and cost-effective keyboard to purchase, the Roccat Vulcan 120 remains a great choice. It is easy to use and will not cause noise.

The lighting system of the Roccat Vulcan 120 is intelligent and smart to use. The unique design is something you can count on with is this amazing product. While it may not be as expensive as other products, you can count on the performance of the Roccat Vulcan 120. Maintenance is not a difficult thing with the product. It can easily be compatible with other items or devices when used.

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