Getting over It with Bennett Foddy is a new game released worldwide on steam on 7th December 2017. Bennett Foddy, the creator of the game, has released many much-adored games earlier, but Getting Over It is the new trend, owing to the YouTube Stars.

Idea of the Game

The basic overview of the game is a man stuck in cauldron trying to get over all the obstacles with just a hammer. Yes, just a hammer. You have to get over a mountain, a junkyard, buildings, construction site and many more obstacles by just hitting your hammer and pulling yourself up.

Bennett Foddy took the idea of this game from “Sexy hiking”, an old school 8-bit game. Though the idea is pretty basic, it makes the game a real delight to play, well not always.

Why should you play it?

It is the new trend. Getting Over It is nothing like, Dota, CS: GO or PUBG or any big giants. But it is the new trend amongst those who love to explore games and are really patient to get somewhere. When you check out the videos of Getting Over It, it might seem really easy to get through the game, but only someone who has spent enough hour on the game will realize that the controls are not exactly helpful.

All the control you have in this game is a mouse or a trackpad. So, if you think you know your mouse well, try this, Another reason to play the game is the prize at the end of the game. Everyone knows there is a reward at the end of the game, but before you see your reward, Bennett makes sure you aren’t streaming or record and won’t spoil it for others. So, the only way to know what’s the prize, is to play the game.

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Why shouldn’t you play it?

The rage related to this game is real. You will fall down and will lose great progress a lot of times through the game. You will have to start all over again and get through the painful obstacles again, and after another few hours, you’ll get back to where you were to make another try and fall down again.

Losing progress will not be painful after a while, or at least not “as painful”, but the voice over. Ever time you lose progress Bennett either sympathizes with you or quotes someone. For the first few times it’s going to sound good especially when Bennett congratulates and guides you on your first few steps of progress, but then it all seems like a strategy to make you lose your concentration. Also, after a few quotes, the game plays some really old and annoying music of defeat, to make your suffering worse.
Rage, voiceover, music.


Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a game worth playing at least a little bit if not through just to test your mouse skills, your patients and how bad and sharp can your tongue be. The price tag on the game is low too. You won’t regret playing Getting Over It at all, but you’ll sooner or later, regret your life decisions.

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