The Frozen Synapse has been on the trend from the time it was released in 2011. The sequel to the game was announced in 2016. Since then, the fans of the FS1 have kept a calendar to count days and have been waiting for Mode-7 to release the game, but all it has been doing is teasing the audience with the insights of the game and a few demos.

The Frozen Synapse is a strategic game where two people play simultaneously and place their units with a plan to defeat the opponent. The light game is easy to run on any 144hz monitor, PC or laptop and could be a source of fun time for the ones with a “busy life”. This approach of a strategic game, which forces the player to think really hard before taking any step is the reason for the great pull of people towards the sequel of the Frozen Synapses.

The glimmering new look of the gameplay of Frozen Synapse 2 and the new ways the strategic outlook works has been pulling in more and more players for the game. Everyone wants to try the new building structures with the appealing look of the game, and since it was to be released in December, people had days marked. But, well, here is the sad news you didn’t want to hear, if you are looking to get a look at the game a try it in the next few years or if you’re expecting a Christmas launch, then I have a bad news for you,

The maker of the game Paul Kilduff said this on his Twitter handle on 20th of December 2017,

The new unit types, the glimmering look and the new ways of going about with the strategies have really been providing painful bugs to the designer at the Mode-7. Well, we do understand that they want to make the game error-free before they launch it into the market and provide the best gaming experience.

Well, for all we know that Mode-7 is preparing on a surprise launch on the new years eve with some really big event and shocking the entire gaming industry with what they do to the game by working overtime in the holiday season. Or they just might sneak the game into the market on the new years eve on an early access and let you decide what you want with the game and make it a fun experience for all of us.

Whatever their call might be right now, it has ruined your plans of laying in your bed under the covers and playing Frozen Synapse 2 with your friends and random strangers all day long. All you can do right now is wait a little longer and keep your fingers crossed until new year’s eve, not literally though.

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